Jesus, The Light

Jesus, the Light

God wants to use our stories to reach others for Jesus. We should be willing to do anything short of sin to reach people who don't know Jesus Christ. Jesus shed light in the dark places, so we can share light in the dark places.

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First Baptist Church Seminole Tx

202 SW Ave B, Seminole, TX 79360, USA

Sunday 5:00 AM

Welcome to First Baptist. This page is where you will find the sermon notes and more information about what is happening at FBC.

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Generosity through Giving

We want to thank those of you who give faithfully and systematically to our church. We hope you know how important your giving is to what God is doing at FBC Seminole, in our community, and across the planet through the different ministries we are able to partner with through your financial generosity. We've fixed plumbing, remodeled kitchens, replaced shingles, celebrated our teachers, and made  a difference in a host of other opportunities. Your generosity matters. We offer Financial Peace University on a consistent basis for those who need financial help.  It's a financial management system that allows multitudes to eliminate debt and live in freedom. Text the amount you want to give to 84321.

Enlighten the Eyes of Your Heart

Enlighten the Eyes of Your Heart

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Galilee of the Gentiles is a a flag post for the Kingdom of God that says that God will go to extreme measures to rescue fallen humanity, transfer their allegiance to the rule and reign of God in the person, works, and teaching of Jesus, and progressively make them more like Him.
Jesus is a light that guides us out of the darkness

Jesus is a light that reveals our need for a Savior.

Jesus is a light that illuminates everything else around us.

Jesus is a light that assures our future hope.

1. Jesus is a light that guides people out of darkness.

2. Jesus is a light that reveals our need for a Savior.

3. Jesus is a Light that Illumines Everything Around Us
4. Jesus is the Light that Assures of Future Hope