Illuminate - That was Then, This is Now

Sunday, May 12, 2024


God wants to use our stories to reach others for Jesus. We should be willing to do anything short of sin to reach people who don't know Jesus Christ. Jesus shed light in the dark places, so we can share light in the dark places.

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Illuminate Your Life and Become a Shining Beacon of Christ

Illuminate Your Life and Become a Shining Beacon of Christ

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That was then. This is now.

My identity drives my activity.

We are the race of grace.

Identity is received instead of achieved. It's not based on your worth, but on the new birth.

That was Then. This is now.

Light up.

Wake up. Rise up.

Wise up.

Fill up.

I. light up and live as children of light
Jesus shed light in the dark places so we can share light in the dark places.

Jesus is more than a guru - He is truth and speaks truth w/authority in your life.

Turn up the right voices to avoid the wrong places.

The voice you turn up tunes you in.

The voice you mute amplifies the voices you allow to speak in your life.

Voices create choices.


Identity theft

I am marked by identity.

I am made for ministry.

I make the most of opportunity.

I matter for eternity.

ii. wake up sleepyhead - rise up from the dead


rumble strips

These are words to believers that are saying just because you are alive doesn’t mean you are living.

You can go through life without much life going through you.

iii. wise up and buy back - fill up for impact
We cannot procrastinate and illuminate.